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  • Draft your unique value proposition statement that gets employers and clients invested in what you have to offer, so that you can confidently ask for the top end of the market range.
  • Your custom strategy for negotiating a new job offer, raise or promotion so you get paid what you're worth.
  • Advice on how to deal with pushback and respond to no so you're prepared for all contingencies.
  • Learn the framework for collaborative negotiation so you can enhance relationships and generate win-win outcomes. Also learn contentious tactics so you're prepared when they're used against you.
  • Unlearn gendered stereotype that women don't make excellent negotiators and don't advocate for themselves


Hands-on training is my jam, because practice makes perfect. I design interactive workshops and webinars that are infused with both wisdom and play.


My standard hourly rate is $350. Or we can negotiate a flat fee arrangement. Click on "I'm ready" below to get started.


Not sure where to start? Try a 90-minute Strategy Session at $495 to focus on your most urgent needs. Click on "I'm ready" to get started.

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Jamie Lee

Negotiation Consultant and Public Speaker

The quickest path to your most fulfilling career and life starts with a gutsy ask. Let me help you ask with poise and power.

Smart negotiators seem to make the world magically adapt to them. 

They earn respect.

They're heard by the right people.

They get things done with the help they need to excel. 

By learning core negotiation skills and putting them into practice, you can talk your way into a great bargain, a six-figure salary and more -- all without coming across as sleazy or aggressive. 

If you suspect that you’re undervalued, you know that hard work and dedication got you this far. But to get further, you must negotiate for yourself to get what you're worth. Let's get to work on closing your wage gap. 

If you have a new job or consulting offer, but not crystal-clear on what your options are or how to ask for more, don't leave money on the table. Work with me and learn the mindset of master negotiators to create your custom negotiation strategy and plan. 

Or perhaps you've set your sights on something brand spanking new -- an entrepreneurial endeavor or an alternate career path spiked with passion and imbued with joy. Negotiating skills can help you get the kinds of connections, resources and opportunities that will make your dream a reality. 

Successful people ask for help -- constantly and creatively.

Negotiation is an essential life and leadership skill that demonstrates your ability to engage, advocate and collaborate. Work with me and hone the skills you need to set yourself apart from the competition, get buy-in, make more money and thrive.

Let’s do this.

I believe that when ambitious people own their power and bravely ask, they can achieve fulfillment, stronger connections and long-term wins.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Develop your own negotiation playbook with custom strategies and tactics for achieving your goals.
  • Word-by-word scripts for anchoring for high value, framing for mutual win and overcoming objections and pushback.
  • Tailored advice on how to structure and price service or product offerings for maximum profit and client satisfaction.
  • Connect with insiders who can provide key information, tips and referrals that can help you cinch the promotion or deal.

Praise for jamie

"Thanks to Jamie’s negotiation workshop, I went into my recent salary negotiation more confident than I’ve ever been and came out making 20K more than I was in my last position. After the initial job interview, I was asked for my salary requirements via email. Picking a number was really nerve wracking! But I remembered everything Jamie said about negotiating for myself and ultimately asked for 10-15K more than I wanted to make. I thought that would give me plenty of room to negotiate. To my surprise, they just gave me the higher number!"

Caro, Education Consultant


"Jamie took the time to understand my situation and offered great suggestions I hadn't thought of to help me determine my market value. She is down to earth, and made me realize my value while building confidence in my negotiating abilities. I'm looking forward to implementing the techniques she suggested and seeing some results in the near future!"

Allison Crump, SaaS Trainer

"Negotiation successful. Raise, bonus and market adjustment totaling a 26% salary increase back paid to the day I brought it up. Title reconsideration in 6 months. Would have been absolutely impossible without Jamie’s help and resources."

Ryan Allen, Engineer


"Jamie offers a clear way to understand power dynamics and important lessons in how to negotiate anything better in life and work. Her dynamic workshop is fun and useful. I came away with a whole new skill set."

Camille Sweeney, Author


"Within days of taking Jamie’s negotiation workshop, I found myself using the knowledge I acquired in her class to help my client with a difficult business partnership situation. It isn’t often that you can gain new skills that apply to such a wide range of life situations and then put them into play immediately. Jamie gave one of the most valuable workshops I’ve been to."

Olivia Henley, CPA